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Life in kaleidoscope

The production of our summer collection is coming to an end and numerous new items are making their way onto our online store. In the last couple of weeks, we launched the pre-orders for our group ‘’Life in kaleidoscope’’, which is probably the most lively and exciting group of our summer 2022 collection. Those colors inspired me a world of various pairings, making it so your creativity wouldn’t feel limited. This group pairs perfectly with all the colours of our basics to give you as many options as possible, whatever your preferences are. Throughout the entire development of this group and each time I’ve worked with it ever since, this print brings me a good dose of joy ; I hope it will bring you just as much pure joy. 

Also, keep an eye out on our toucan print’s group as we have officially launched the pre-orders. If you’ve been wanting something and want to make sure you don’t miss it, you can get it now and save yours!