Fall/Winter 2018-19

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Kollontaï offers an historical collection that brings together many styles representative of the brand's journey, right up to its very latest creations. At the heart of this time capsule are tunics - an absolute classic of the brand- but above all, and in keeping with tradition, is an interplay between textures and transparencies that is explored as an ode to women. Kollontaï's ability to celebrate a woman's curves transcendsthe years and collections, as it has sought to highlight all feminine silhouette since it was founded. Kollontaï presents its forthieth collection: a composition of winter hues, matching the coolness of deep grays with the warmth of fall colours, a collection that celebrates 20 years of design and creativity, and one that salutes inspiring women everyday!


Jasmin jacket and Woolf sweater (Black)

Keziah tunic

Agatha cape, Henry tunic and Ella pants (Black)

Austen sweater (Burgundy) and Robbie skirt

Salinas sweater and Baltasar pants (Burgundy)

Annalise tunic

Jamie sweater (Black) and Gemma pants

Jamie (Grey) sweater and Blake skirt

Jasmin jacket, Austen sweater (Black) and Ella pants (Black)

Leonard dress

Malcolm tunic

Isobel sweater, Clarice camisole (Burgundy) and Andy pants (Black)

Amsterdam jacket, Woolf sweater (Black) and Dottie skirt

Peyton vest, Woolf sweater (Black) and Ella pants (White)

Etty tunic and Ella pants (Black)

Dimitri sweater and Dylan skirt


Rupert jacket, Ludovick bralette and Andy pants (Black)


Martin sweater and Rex skirt

Minerva jacket and Ludwig pants

Beethoven jacket, Woolf sweater (Black) and Ella pants (Black)

Vermouth sweater and Schiava pants

Rohan sweater and Cameron jumper

Baron sweater and Baltasar pants (Grey)

Jules dress

Kara tunic

Britney jacket, Harry bralette and Andy pants (Black)

Lewis tunic and Baltasar pants (Grey)


Marnie sweater and Ella pants (Black)


Adele tunic (Burgundy) and Contrepoint petticoat

Tracey dress

Talize dress

Selena tunic and Ella pants (Khaki)

Selena tunic


Woolf sweater (Black) and Malva skirt


Adeline dress


Austen sweater (Khaki) and Clementine petticoat

Phillip shirt and Ludwig pants

Iona dress

Landon sweater, Ludovick bralette and Andy pants (White)


Designer : Gabrielle Tousignant
Échantillonneuse et responsable RS&DE : Edith Gagné
Chef de produit: Marie-Ève Goulet
Graphisme et édition: Double-écho Création
Directeur photo : Jean-François Brière
Assistants photographes: Enrique Sanchez
Styliste: Nancy Richard
Assistante styliste: Eva Axelle Sea
Maquillage : Marie-Josée Galibert
Mannequin : Eli (Agence FOLIO)
Coordonnatrice : France Parenteau
Studio : Studio TRINIDAD
Bijoux : Anne-Marie Chagnon


Merci à toute l’équipe de l’atelier : Adel Ktiti, Caroline Vaillancourt-Cossette, Nora Guen Foud, Richard Robert, Thanya Arpin, Thi Kim Dinh Tran, Rose Ndoricimpa, Arno Boivin Tousignant, Stephen Forbes, Lideige Novembre Dessource, Jessy Boivin et Sylvain Vendette.

Merci à nos fournisseurs : Serge Vincent, Alain Abastado, Carl Tabacman, Telio, Vahe Djourian, Robert Ayoub et Walter Diamond.

Merci également à Éole, Rosée, Robin, Claudia, Judith, Stéfanie, Marie-France, Isabelle, Albert Alepin et à tous ceux qui apportent leur savoir et leurs encouragements