Ella and Kinski: similar and so different pants!

Ella has been a classic and favourite cut for many in the last decade. Made of a thicker knit, it is the perfect hybrid between classic pants and leggings. It’s a great option all year long, but especially for when the weather goes colder. Its waistband rests at the natural waistline and has a little sheathing effect due to the mesh lining that also keeps the pants well in place throughout the day. 


Kinski is a much lighter version of Ella, as it is made of a durable viscose that comes closer to a standard legging. It is a polyvalent piece that can also be worn all year long. Depending on what you like, you can modulate the length of the waistband to what you prefer going from completely folded to completely up, which also offers a sheathing effect. Both are absolutely stunning and absolute fan-favourites so you can’t go wrong any way you go!