In 2022, one of our main goals is to include more sizes to our range. For the Summer and Winter collection, more than 95% of the collection will be offered in size XXL. Evidently, many might say that it is not sufficient and we completely understand that. First, we would like to share that, as for now, our XXL is barely ever sold, so to offer it more widely is already a risk that we decided to take since our clientele has been requesting it. We have established marketing strategies to better reach out to the women who might want this and your support through it all will be greatly appreciated to make this the success. Secondly, even though the amplitude of this endeavor might be hard to grasp for many, adding a size to our range represents an important financial burden and risk as it has repercussions on cost of fabric, cut, production, quality control, storage,etc. We want to fully commit to expanding our size ranges in the future, while keeping our values in terms of quality and local production. There are multiple limitations we have to face in terms of production time availability and material costs, but we are using all of our knowledge to confront them with wisdom. We will need to ask for patience on your part as we figure it all out and are able to add a completely new size. In order to keep our signature fit, we will have to work hard on creating new pattern bases, test and correct them, which will take a great deal of time. As of today, we do not pretend to be catering to the ‘’plus size’’ community, but we deeply want to include as many people who identify to our brand as we can, no matter their sex, size, colour or anything else; all of it by insuring a steady employment to our production team and a healthy work environment. So, we are embarking on a long journey that is sure to be rich in adventures for us and we’ll hopefully be able to welcome new members to our Kollontaï family. We hope you will stay by our side as we figure this all out and offer you more sizes to shop from in the future. 

Also, we will always welcome your opinions in any way you wish to let us know; constructive criticism is always welcome with a lot of consideration, but insults or unrespectful comments towards us or our models won’t be tolerated. This is a safe and joyful space where we share our love for fashion. Our models are incredible human beings that give it all for us during our shooting days and the pejorative comments on their appearance, consumption habits, diets or others won’t be tolerated. Respect will always be demanded from each and all of us. 

We love you all and appreciate your constant support through the years.  

Best regards,  

Gabrielle and Kollontaï team.