About Kollontaï

Kollontai Gabrielle Tousignant

Our team’s commitment

For the last 20 years, Kollontaï has been keeping high quality standards that begins with our initial choice of fabrics and ends only once the clothing is ready to be sent off to our various clients. Each steps, including the initial selection of raw materials up to the finishing touches, all include their own evaluation process that insures the absolute quality of our creations. It is all that devotion to the details that obtains us the quality level that we aimed for and, also, that insures the durability that has made our reputation for the last two decades. All of this is possible due to our proximity to our production, giving us the opportunity to keep a follow-up in real time.

The story

Endowed with a strong artistic sense, Gabrielle completed fashion design studies in 1995, and then travelled to Europe and Morocco where she visited museums, fashion schools and workshops. When she returned to Montreal, she began working on her own collections. By 1998, three independent stores in Quebec were distributing her creations. Today, they are available almost everywhere in Canada. 


Textured and colored materials are harmonized on unique garment cuts, carefully studied and elaborated by Gabrielle, whose expert eye and love for feminine forms have shaped Kollontaï’s designs. The raw materials are in themselves a strong source of inspiration. Gabrielle’s inspiration may also manifest itself in countless other ways: when she is listening to music, travelling, looking at a painting or graffiti on the wall… 

Why Kollontaï ?

Alexandra Kollontaï is a Russian political figure and feminist who contributed to the creation of International Women’s Day on March 8th, representing the female textile workers in Saint Petersburg. The first woman in history to be both a member of the government and an ambassadress in a foreign country, she fought for the advancement of women’s social rights. Kollontaï is also a promise of an ethical choice as all of our products are made in our Montreal offices, offering a safe environment for our team. This has been the brand priority since its beginning in 1998 and keeping our production locally made is still a very essential value to our brand.