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Fall-Winter 2023-24

With the Fall-Winter 2023-24 collection, Kollontaï presents itself in its most mature and evolved form. More confident than ever, anchored in its values, the brand offers a collection intimately linked to its evolution by simultaneously integrating a tribute to its past, a focus on well-being in the present and an openness to the future. Gabrielle and her team unite in the creation and production of this collection. This magic takes place in their creative universe, that is to say in their offices in Montreal. The immense expertise of our in-house seamstresses shines again in a collection that is designed as much for comfort as for everyday style, both qualities that enhance the durability of our clothes. While we all talk...

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Spring-Summer 2023

Once the snow melted away and the sun is shining bright, it’s the perfect season for adventures to follow one another in an endless farandole, full of beauty and lightness. Hearts are awakening, colors insinuate themselves into daily life, the air is warm and the sun illuminates our creative gardens. Life becomes a little sweeter, clothes a little lighter and good mood a little more widespread. For its Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Kollontaï presents an infinite dance of cuts and colors, immersing you in distinct yet complementary universes. Aruba, Jamaica… We transport you to a thousand places thanks to prints that make you dream and classic colors that you never get tired of. Dare to appropriate the idyllic-looking prints as well...

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Fall-Winter 2022-23

As a new season comes upon us, Kollontaï presents its resilience in the form of a creative rebellion. We refuse to make any sacrifices that intend to limit our imagination into one simple guideline; we are leaving the mold behind and we are redefining ourselves off the beaten track. With nothing holding us back, we experiment all the marvels that the world has to offer by savouring every spark of beauty. We welcome the warm colours that set our soul on fire; we rejoice of the comfort brought by the multi-textural enveloping materials; we adopt a unique look that feels like us and refuse any compromise. Even though colder days are waiting ahead, we welcome them with audacity, by adopting...

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Spring-Summer 2022

While the sun emerges from a deep sleep, spring comes in once more in a colourful explosion. A rainbow spreads all over the nature that surrounds us; the heart and the materials get lighter. Rocked by these feelings of sensory delight and elation, Kollontaï offers you its liveliest collection ever. The brilliant and luminous hues are joined to neutral tones that marvelously anchor them in a unified look, where the passions’ balance is key. The earning for resurgence emerges in the hearts and each piece has been design to fill this powerful need, guiding us into an all-new chapter. Let yourself feel the comforting feeling offered by cuts and materials that are developed, thought out and made for you. Softness,...

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Fall-Winter 2021-22

As each ounce of inspiration emerged from the storm, fear and doubt bore for months become the motors of an impetus of renewed creativity. By canalizing the growing anguish and despair, the ultimate solace is found in the creation of a soft and well-being focused universe. Behind every piece, an interpretation of comfort can be found. Pushed by the need to offer a balm for the emotional pains, fabrics and cuts have been brought together in order to hug the body with tenderness; a faithful surrogate for the embraces that couldn’t be. A parade of emotions draws itself in an unprecedented colorful succession, where all the hues play with the next one in a juxtaposition of brilliance and shadows, for...

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