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Fall/Winter 2021-22

As each ounce of inspiration emerged from the storm, fear and doubt bore for months become the motors of an impetus of renewed creativity. By canalizing the growing anguish and despair, the ultimate solace is found in the creation of a soft and well-being focused universe. Behind every piece, an interpretation of comfort can be found. Pushed by the need to offer a balm for the emotional pains, fabrics, and cuts have been brought together in order to hug the body with tenderness; a faithful surrogate for the embraces that couldn’t be. A parade of emotions draws itself in an unprecedented colorful succession, where all the hues play with the next one in a juxtaposition of brilliance and shadows, for a sentimental waltz of infinite pigments. Each line drawn and sewn represents an unequivocal evolution; the reconnection with flexibility in all of its forms and the need to create something that will soothe the souls through art and creation. This collection transports you in a world of colors and softness, offering you a welcoming and salutary respite, for a new universe filled with hope and promises.