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Spring-Summer 2019

As seasons are swiftly flying by, summer appears once more in all its greatness. A timeless source of inspiration, nature explodes in lively and vivifying hues, including dazzling oranges, infinitely profound blues as well as intricate multicolored florals. For this collection, Kollontaï has been inspired by nature’s delicate tangibility by using materials that are both soft to the touch and of an exquisite lightness. The fineness of silk and bamboo are brought out to cast the light on the quiet strength of nature, creating a perfect alliance between them and the comfort offered by other fibers, like cotton. Life’s whirlwinds are taking shape in a succession of delightful colours and opulent dark shades that are painted in a summer scenery, which is as unpredictable as it is sumptuous. The garment cuts are thought for womanly curves and offers a cheerful look where comfort coincides with wellbeing. For the Spring-Summer 2019, Kollontaï presents you a perfectly complex and diverse collection, at the image of its clientele.