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Spring-Summer 2023

Once the snow melted away and the sun is shining bright, it’s the perfect season for adventures to follow one another in an endless farandole, full of beauty and lightness. Hearts are awakening, colors insinuate themselves into daily life, the air is warm and the sun illuminates our creative gardens. Life becomes a little sweeter, clothes a little lighter and good mood a little more widespread. For its Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Kollontaï presents an infinite dance of cuts and colors, immersing you in distinct yet complementary universes.

Life is not black and white, nor a clear and precise figurative painting. This collection is an ode to the scrambled, to the unknown and to risk. In a form that is sometimes elegant, sometimes comforting, this collection offers you everything you need for a full daily life. Whether in the delicacy of the warm hues, the depth of the blacks and navy blues or even in the fluidity of the fabrics as well as the creativity of the patterns, Abstract Canvas promises you looks rich in all that is beautiful and precious.